Facebook's Moments App Does C++ for Cross-Platform Development

One of the most recent Facebook’s apps, Moments, is using C++ to share its business logic across iOS and Android, Facebook’s engineers Ashwin Bharambe, Zack Gomez, Will Ruben explain. Here we review Facebook engineers rationale for that choice and its outcomes.

By Sergio De Simone
Source: http://www.infoq.com/news/2015/06/facebook-moments-cpp?utm_campaign=infoq_content&utm_source=infoq&utm_medium=feed&utm_term=Architecture%20&%20Design-news Brunei . site directory

Angular Team Provides Roadmap, Demos Integration with React Native

Angular 2 is moving forward, but still does not have a release date. The Angular team demonstrated the idea of splitting the framework into two pieces to enable different UI renderers to work with the same JavaScript backend. This will allow Angular to integrate with React Native.

By David Iffland